Our Team

Neish McLean

Neish McLean is a trans masculine activist with local, regional and international experience in trans advocacy. He enjoys proposal writing, program development and movement building and takes a holistic approach to trans activism.

Renae Green

Renae is an LGBTQ, youth and women’s rights advocate who is committed and passionate about her work with the community. Renae serves as the LGBT representative on the Jamaica Country Coordinating Mechanism for the Global fund (JCCM).

Stephon Duncan

Stephon A Duncan- Associate Director of Outreach and Community Engagement for TransWave Jamaica is a 23-year-old gender fluid Jamaican who has a passion for advocacy and activism. Stephon started in advocacy as a volunteer for some of Jamaica's leading human rights advocacy organizations, such as - JFLAG, Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network, and TransWave Jamaica. Stephon's expertise comes in the fields of customer service and the local HIV and AIDS response.

MX Williams

MX Williams is a multidisciplinary artivist and media and communications practitioner who is zealous about human rights, development and LGBT issues, specifically related to youth and trans persons. They currently serve as the Media and Communications Officer at TransWave Jamaica, where they are responsible for the organization’s online and offline presence.

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There is crucial work to be done in advancing the rights of the Jamaican transgender and gender non-conforming community. We are working towards ensuring that the rights of every member of the community are respected and protected. Every donation assists us in continuing fulfilling this mandate, and making Jamaica a safer place for us to not just live, but thrive.