Stephon Duncan

Stephon A Duncan- Associate Director of Outreach and Community Engagement for TransWave Jamaica is a 23-year-old gender fluid Jamaican who has a passion for advocacy and activism. Stephon started in advocacy as a volunteer for some of Jamaica’s leading human rights advocacy organizations, such as – JFLAG, Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network, and TransWave Jamaica. Stephon’s expertise comes in the fields of customer service and the local HIV and AIDS response. After becoming the Field Coordinator for TransWave Jamaica, Stephon’s title swiftly changed to Admin and Outreach Officer and now to Associate Director at TransWave Jamaica. In their role at TransWave, Stephon is responsible for engaging the community, planning, coordinating and executing the many events that TransWave Jamaica hosts. They are an avid foodie and enjoy cooking in their spare time. Stephon is a firm believer in affirming health and wellness of trans-Jamaicans.

Team Information

 Associate Director - Outreach and Community Engagement