Supporting the transgender and gender non-conforming community since 2015

We are a non-governmental organization working to advance the health, welfare, and well-being of the transgender community in Jamaica and the Caribbean. Founded in 2015, we started as an advocacy initiative in the form of a blog. The idea was formulated by our co-founders Akilah White and Neish McLean during a workshop hosted by WE-Change Jamaica and partners.

Our advocacy efforts are centered on key areas which promote the inclusion and protection of the transgender and gender non-conforming community. These include legal gender recognition, equitable access to non-discriminatory health care, education, housing and employment.

TransWave Jamaica Logo


To see a Jamaica where transgender and gender nonconforming persons are included, affirmed and enjoy all of the universally recognized human rights.


To promote change which results in the social inclusivity, recognition of rights, and legal protection of the transgender and gender nonconforming community.

Strategic Priorities & Objectives

Media & Community Presence

TransWave will use, social & traditional media, popular education, and trainings to promote the visibility and inclusion of TGNCNB persons.

Staffing & Organizational Infrastructure

Transwave will develop an organizational infrastructure in alignment with mission and impact.

Wellness & Access to Gender-Affirming Medical Care

TransWave will assist in removing barriers to trans persons’ access to employment, essential public services (medical, public safety, and education) and promote overall well being.

Building Coalitions & Meaningful Collaborations

TransWave will reduce violence and discrimination against trans persons by creating inclusive and affirming spaces and promoting acceptance in families, schools, and community

Political Platforms & Gender-Affirming Legislation

TransWave will collaborate with stakeholders to develop legislative initiatives that support the self-determination of TGNCNB persons.

Our Work

Our work seeks to address the cross-section of issues affecting trans-Jamaicans and improve the health, wellness and social outcomes for the community. Our advocacy is focused on awareness-raising, promoting diversity and excellence within our community and advocating for policy change while providing a safe space for our community to network, share and build solidarity. Our programmes consider an inclusive and intersectional approach.